Contact By Garvey

left to right: Felix Torres (drums), Phil Miarmi (bass/vocals), Milo Finch (guitar/vocals), Stephen Ericson (guitar/vocals)

The rock juggernaut known as Contact By Garvey came together in the winter of 1998 when high school chums Milo Finch and Steve Ericson asked Milo's cousin, Phil Miarmi to play bass guitar on a couple of songs they had been working on. In need of a regular drummer, Phil's childhood friend, Felix Torres, taught himself how to play the drums specifically to be in the band. What they bring to the raw, grinding pop they love is an aesthetic where the arranger is king and feedback rules. Everything has an absolute hook, and instrumental embellishments are as subtle as a master chef's spices. They self-produced their epic album, Cookie's Lament, in mid-2000 and then promptly broke up.

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