Giant Jet Ball

left to right: Milo Finch (bass/vocals), Andy Burgaletta (drums), Joe Belle (guitar) - New York City 1996

New York City grunge pop outfit, Giant Jet Ball, was formed in 1996 by Milo Finch, Andy Burgalletta, and Joe Belle (currently of Sevenwiser). The group established a base of operations and built a full service recording/rehearsal space dubbed "the Giant Jet Lab" in a studio above a meat packing plant in the Lower West Side. The space soon became open to other bands such as Brooklyn's Japanese surf noise band Oyabando, NYC shoegazer band Skulpey, NJ bands such as Clark, Housemother Dunbar, and the Billy Crosbys for rehearsing and recording or just hanging out.

Over the course of their two year existence, Giant Jet Ball recorded osuckero, a 17 song buffet of pop goodness, and played numerous shows in New York City, Brooklyn, and New Jersey. The album courted some major label attention from Atlantic Records. Shortly after signing a "first look" contract with the label, the band broke up in 1997.

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