Ghosts of Pasha

left to right: Chris Partyka (guitar/clarinet/vocals), Milo Finch (drums/vocals), Ben Contois (bass) - Union Hall, Brooklyn 2006

The band, Ghosts of Pasha, was formed as a recording project and three piece in the summer of 2003 when childhood friends Milo Finch and Chris Partyka met Brad Vargo while he was attending school for music. The three recorded the first record called Come On.

The band quickly grew into a five piece piece with the addition of Ezra Oklan on drums and Mike Clifford on Vocals in February 2004. The band developed their sound over the next few months by playing local shows and recording demos of material to hone their styles into one sonic mesh. They recorded Grand Army of the Republic Highway and parted ways.

In July of 2004, they reformed as a 4 piece minus Clifford to record a five song EP in three days called GOP. The recording was made as a demo to get shows for their upcoming tour. The subsequent tour led to the band's infamous run-in at the Mercury Lounge with Improv Everywhere. The press from the show started the GOP machine rolling with widespread acclaim including articles and spots in Rolling Stone, Spin, and This American Life. They promptly disbanded that lineup and abandoned the recording of their long-awaited full length CD, Ghosts of Pasha Rules Electricity.

A new Ghosts of Pasha lineup of Chris on guitar and vocals and Milo on drums and vocals recorded a shimmering lo-fi masterpiece called The Pig Sun. After two cross-country tours, the band recruited Ben Contois on bass and recorded a 66 song triple album called Way To Go Glove Volumes 1 - 3 in 2006.

In prime Pasha spirit, the door revolves once again as Milo Finch takes over lead songwriting duties and Chris Partyka lovingly retires from the spotlight.

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