Network of Halos

left to right: Kristin Gogan (bass), Brian Truchan (drums), Eric Truchan (guitar/vocals), Mike Witkowski (guitar)

Network of Halos started as the lo-fi recording project of Eric Truchan in August of 2005. Eric took his dusty Tascam 4-track off the shelf in his closet that he purchased for $80 second-hand several years earlier and began putting his pawn shop guitar to use. Tired of bands like Modest Mouse and The Black Keys selling their songs to car and bra commercials, Eric declared he would only sell his songs to beef jerky companies and sitcoms.

Primarily playing and recording all the instruments himself, Eric has amassed an incredible backlog of music releasing a full length album, a cassette album and an EP in one year. Recruiting his brother Brian on drums, his girlfriend Kristin on bass, and his friend Mike on guitar, Network of Halos played a few shows before finally calling it quits.

Eric and Kristin presently play in the band Brick Mower.

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