Red Rocket 7

Rowena DeLaRosa (guitar/vocals) and Jason Hemmerlin (bass/drum machine)

Following a stint as the bass player in Manhole, Rowena DeLaRosa formed Red Rocket 7 in 1999 with her then-roommate Lori Robertson and Manny Dominguez, a friend from high school. After a few shows, Manny left the band and Rowena's sister, Gayle, took up the drum duties and Red Rocket 7 solidified itself as a heavy pop powerhouse. They played shows in and around Montclair, New Brunswick, and New York before finally calling it quits in late 2000. Recently, Rowena and Jason Hemmerlin have begun recording under the Red Rocket 7 moniker with Rowena handling guitar and vocals and Jason doing everything else.