Cookie's Lament

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  1. Mayo Clinic Magic Menu
  2. Garvey (was a Space Man)
  3. Falling Asleep (in all the Wrong Places)
  4. Next Year's Model
  5. Paper and Makeup
  6. Simple Denial
  7. Summer Son
  8. Before the Glow
  9. Eskimo
  10. Cardboard Stone
  11. Everything
  12. I Had A Time
  13. Minisink
  14. Safer
  15. Pleasure Gelf
  16. One

Contact by Garvey was an odd band. While most bands start out with the concept of going into the studio as something off in the distance, CBG was born with a silver studio in its mouth. Like kids let loose in the proverbial candy store, there were bound to be some of the inevitable tummy aches. Thinking back to the recording of this album isn't exactly the easiest thing to do. There were three(?) studio locations and what seemed like multiple versions of many of the songs. There were recorded jams that should have become songs, some songs that should have been scrapped, and many many hours spent mixing.

Contact by Garvey wasn't really one band. There were 3 song writers, each with his own influences and sensibilities. So song by song the sound of the band would change to set the intent of the writer. The idea for this record was to start with our own "white album" and go backwards from there, finally culminating in a cohesive sound. Like I said, Contact by Garvey was an odd band.

During the making of this record, CBG would take just about any gig that was given to them. The result of that was the songs would grow and breathe, and become different from the versions that we recorded. A good deal of the gigs that CBG had were in front of audiences that were... not our "target" audience. The truth is that we had some amazing gigs at biker bars opening for Judas Priest and Doors cover bands.

Classic rock was a big influence on this record, even though, outside of The Beatles, that wasn't what we were listening to. It's what we wanted to achieve. So in that sense this record reminds me of another record that was being made during the same time period, that being the next Guns and Roses record that hasn't yet seen the light of day. If you don't know what I'm talking about, look it up on the Internet, I'm sure you'll find some good explanation. One thing that can't or shouldn't be disputed, is the simple fact that the members of CBG - Milo, Phil, Felix, and myself were, at the time, very close. We enjoyed being around each other, and making music was a load of fun. I hope that the fun that we had comes through to those who listen to this record. To quote Milo "I had a time, I had a good time and it wasn't bad."

Stephen Ericson
August 2005

Recorded in August of 2005 by Contact By Garvey in Phil's attic.

Mixed by Milo Finch in his basement.

Storytelling by Kristin Giermanski