Clark Saves Xmas

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  1. The Mall Song
  2. Christmas Underneath The Surface Of The Moon
  3. It's Cold On Krypton Too
  4. Merry Christmas (and Please Don't Kill Yourself)
  5. All I Want For Christmas Is You (and a Million Bucks)

Following in the footsteps of Mariah Carey with Boyz 2 Men and the Muppets, we decided to make our own Christmas album in 1997 to give out to our friends. We wrote a joint instrumental but the main focus of the record was that each of us was going to write our own Christmas song and record every instrument on our own. Somewhere along the way, a Superman theme seemed to be silently agreed upon (except for Joel's song - he forgot) so we ran with it. Whether this experiment was a success or a failure is still open for debate. Happy Holidays and enjoy!

The Mall Song (written and performed by Clark) - This instrumental just kind of evolved out of a jam session. We were fucking around and then Chris started playing the Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer line right over the top. Five minutes later, the song was recorded and dubbed "The Mall Song". In Imagining the video, we pictured it would start with the band driving to the mall, struggling to find a parking spot, and then walking through the automatic doors right as Mark's bass line intros the solo followed by a montage of the band shopping in the mall, getting our pictures taken with Santa, feeding each other ice cream with arms intertwined, high-fiving, etc. In retrospect, it was probably a lot funnier back then.

Christmas Underneath The Surface Of The Moon(written and performed by Chris Partyka) - In the movie Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, Lex Luthor creates a clone of Superman using a strand of his hair and the nuclear energy of the sun (I'm not making this up). This evil solar-powered being called "Nuclear Man" fights Superman in a variety of different locations around the world. Ultimately, Superman traps Nuclear Man in a phone booth and buries him on the dark side of the moon rendering him inert. In Chris' song, the phone booth is still in working condition and Nuclear Man calls Santa to beg him to let him our for Christmas.

Merry Christmas (and Please Don't Kill Yourself)(written and performed by Joel Plewa) - Did you know that the rate of suicides are higher around the holiday season? Well Joel did and he wrote a song about it!

It's Cold On Krypton Too (written and performed by Mark Griffin) - Superman has turned evil and Santa is the only one who can stop him. Evidently, Mark is drawing his source material from Superman III when Richard Pryor hands Superman an experimental piece of kryptonite that turns him temporarily malevolent.

All I Want For Christmas Is You (and a Million Bucks) (written and performed by Aaron DeLaRosa) - No overt Superman reference here except for the line about kryptonite. Hey, who wouldn't want a million bucks?