After The Sale, We All Sleep

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  1. The Memories Are Coming Back
  2. Cue The Sad Songs
  3. Camera Adds Character
  4. Looks Like Movie Rain
  5. Betsy Turns To Rust
  6. Two Steps Backwards
  7. Ten Four Speed
  8. Haircuts For The Hell Of It
  9. Off The Fingertips
  10. Emancipation Constellation
  11. Apartheid Is For Lovers
  12. Retirement Plan Party
  13. Lobotomies and Memories
  14. Tangled Up In Blue
  15. Past The Rib Cage
  16. Bible Alley
  17. Generated By Leftovers
  18. Beauty Parlor Tricks
  19. Tony's Christian Bible
  20. Never Going Back To North Hampton
  21. Black Market Boy Scouts
  22. Apartment
  23. Fighting Interior Decorators
  24. Glow In The Dark
  25. I Guess You'll Severe
  26. The Captain's Lament

Recorded between August 2005 and January 2006 direct to 4-track tape recorder and a boombox with one speaker. Recorded mostly in a bedroom in Sayreville NJ, a basement in Montclair NJ, and a drafty bathroom. Mixed in February 2006 by Aaron DeLaRosa and Eric Truchan.

All songs written by Eric Truchan except "Off The Fingertips" written by Eric Truchan and Daniel String & Track 27 by Eric Truchan and Mikal McDaniel.